Shotguns On A Spaceship

February 21, 2015

Building Faith

tp-82Legend has been verified. It was recently revelaed that Russian Cosmonauts once carried shotguns and machetes into space.

The cost per ounce of a space flight must be incredibly expensive. According to this, it now costs $10,000 for a pound of material to be taken into space. I can’t imagine what the cost was when the cosmonauts were carrying shotguns up.

That’s not to mention the danger of carrying a gun into space inside a thin metal container.

We might think they were crazy, but they actually had a reason. They were prepared for their landing, not fighting aliens. There was a real chance that upon landing after their flight they might have had to wait for a while to be found and rescued. And most places in Russia have bears.

The shotguns were designed to double as axes too, in case they needed to build a fire.

When we understand their reasoning, it actually makes sense. It is better to be prepared.

How many times do we try to face life without preparing for it? Read and study your Bible so that you can have what you need to be prepared for the “bears” of life.

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