You Scrumptious Beast

June 5, 2014

Building Faith


Spiritually speaking, you are a scrumptious meal

Have you ever wondered if lions starve because their prey is too diligent? It has never occurred to me that this would happen. I think it is because the prey must be right every time. Their instincts must always be correct. Their hearing and senses must work well. Their reflexes have to be razor sharp to survive in the wilderness. At any time in a herd, out of all the animals, there is bound to be one or two who are off their game.

A lion only has to be great one time out of a hundred to catch a meal. It only takes one moment of weakness from one of so many animals hunted, and the lion feasts. When the lion is on top of his game, there will always be some animal having a bad day that will get a lot worse.

I’ve sometimes thought about animals that are eaten by crocodiles in the wild. We’ve all seen footage. A herd of gazelles or some other scrumptious animals stand at the shore of a river.

They know three things:

  1. They MUST cross.
  2. There WILL be crocodiles waiting for them.
  3. At least one of them will be eaten.

They just hope it’s not them.

It’s never them, until it is.

Aren’t we the same way with crime? Cancer? IRS audits? It’s never going to happen to us. Until it does.

Spiritually, we see the same things. People play around with sin and it devours them. They put themselves in positions that are dangerous–crossing a river of sin thinking nothing bad can happen. Until it does. You’ve done it before.

So have I.

But do we learn from this? Do you learn to avoid the dangers where you are able? We are going to face enough challenges in life without putting ourselves in positions where we will face avoidable danger. We do this because we convince ourselves that it is required, or that it is safe when it is not.

You are a scrumptious beast to Satan.

Most of us would not be caught in a strip-club, but what would your web history tell us if you did not have “Incognito tabs”? What about visiting those restaurants where the waitresses wear less clothing? What about your eyes at the gym? Or the wandering heart that likes the attention of others more than your spouse?

Or (ladies) what about the books that some call housewife-porn?

Most of us would not tell the “big lies”, but what do your taxes reveal about your honesty? We would not rob a store, but we might rob our employer by failing to live up to our commitments, or by sleeping on the job.

We might not sin regularly, but we may neglect those things we know we should be doing.

There are so many ways we can find ourselves vulnerable to Satan’s schemes. He is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. And he does not starve. There is always someone. There are always Christians who are having the off-days–and Satan knows how to make a bad day much worse. You are a scrumptious beast to him.

Oh, but it won’t happen to YOU. Riiiight.

The Bible often warns us of the danger surrounding us, but the greatest danger is what we do not notice about God’s word. “Therefore, we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away” (Hebrews 2:1). “Be sober; be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

Pay attention. Notice the particular points of the truth. Learn to study and dig into a text. The secret to great study is not coming up with new, imaginative ways to interpret the Bible. Great study is about NOTICING what is already there. And a life of faithfulness is about noticing, applying, and holding onto what is there.

When the word of God becomes precious to you, you will notice its fine points and you will treasure its teachings. You will not let go. If you do this, you will escape the attacks of Satan.

It’s a matter of life and death.


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  1. Ben Giselbach Says:

    Jason – great thoughts! I never really looked at the imagery of ‘prey’ quite like that. Thanks for challenging me today!


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