Parents: A Simple Help For Teaching Your Children

May 21, 2013

For Parents

I believe I saw it on The Oprah Winfrey Show several years ago. The sight was appalling. A 7-year-old ruled the house. With tears the mother told stories of how she was afraid of her own child.

I do not necessarily think that this one instance was true—I doubt there are many children that young who would hold their family members hostage with physical threats. But there are certainly many families where the children are given freedom to do whatever they wish. In essence, they rule the house.

We have a serious problem in our country relating to childcare. Parents are often absent and unable to help their children grow properly. Without placing blame, we realize that if something does not change, serious consequences will come to our society.

Proverbs 29:15 says that a child left to himself brings shame to his mother. An untrained child is a cause of great heartache and trouble both to parents and to society.

Our prisons are full of people who have come from broken homes and poor parenting. Certainly it is true that once children reach a certain age they are held accountable for their actions, but it is the time and wisdom spent in the formative years of life that have the biggest impact from parents.

As parents, we have a responsibility to train our children in the ways of life. Sometimes that is difficult to accomplish, but we must make every possible effort! Our children are valuable to us. We want the best for them. We want them to do well in life, to live a long life and to enjoy that life. But they cannot accomplish those things if they are not taught correctly. So we need to be sure that the parents rule the households—not with an iron fist but with a balance of love and discipline.

One of the best ways we can impact our children

Children can begin training early!

Children can begin training early!

is to associate with other parents who are trying to do the same thing with their children. That is why it is such a great idea to bring your children to Bible class. We are serious about teaching our children how to live life to the fullest. No human is a perfect parent, but we can help each other. We know you want to do a good job as a parent and we want to help you do it.

Bible class is not everything. A child who attends will not automatically make it to heaven or automatically become a good citizen. The influences of the parents and their peers remain vital. But it certainly helps to have them in class. It will also help you grow as a Christian too.


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