Introducing Constructing Faith

September 22, 2015

Building Faith

Allow me to introduce my podcast: Constructing Faith.

This is something that I am excited to share! It’s not just a religious podcast–there are so many of those out there. I know many great Christians who help others with outstanding content. But what I am doing is different.

I believe one of the biggest problems facing the church is a lack of Bible knowledge. There are MANY reasons we are facing this lack of effort in study, and I believe that one of those is a lack of confidence in the ability to gain anything from the text–or fear of getting it wrong.

EndSpiritualFamineThat is why I believe so much in what I am doing here. It’s not that I have “cornered the market” on how to study. I’ll certainly not share anything that is a secret. You might even be better qualified to teach these concepts.

I’m just doing my part to help alleviate the spiritual drought we are facing in our times.

We can complain about the lack of Bible knowledge we see around us, or we can do something about it. I choose to fight the darkness.

Will you join me in the effort?

Here are two things to do to fight against the spiritual darkness of our times.

1. Listen to this podcast. These episodes walk step by step through studying a text and identifying applications. You will greatly benefit if you study along with me, but even if you just listen, you will get some great spiritual meals. I’M NOT BOASTING. I’m just saying that I am bringing my “A” game here. Give me 30-40 minutes and see if you don’t find something valuable.

2. Ask others to listen to the podcast. Share it on Facebook, email, however you can.

There are a lot of GREAT and OUTSTANDING podcasts and other media out there. Listen to them. But I’m doing something that is relatively unique–in fact I have not seen anything like it so far (though I admit a limited scope here). You can find great materials and sermons in the brotherhood, but how many of preachers walk you step-by-step through the process of studying and writing those lessons so that you can do similar things yourself? Outside of special classes, college courses, and preacher training schools, there are not many people offering these things.

Give a man a fish and he’ll be fed for a day. Teach him to fish and he’ll be fed for a lifetime.

I will not only teach you how to fish, but I will also teach you how to clean the fish, prepare the fish, and serve the fish in your own restaurant. Get the picture?

If you realize that there are no shortcuts to constructing your faith and the faith of others, and you want to start doing something to help faith grow in yourself and others, I welcome you to the team.

Please visit my other website by clicking here. The address is

Please visit my Facebook page by clicking here. The page name is ConstructingFaith.

Please visit me on Twitter here. The twitter handle is @constructfaith.

I’d love to see you follow along! I also hope to use this blog as a means of sharing some of the written content developed by the podcasting effort.

Comment below and let me know what YOUR biggest challenge is in Bible study.

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