How Can You Know These Things and Still Worry?

May 16, 2014

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Perhaps you remember the words to a precious gospel hymn. “Jesus is all the world to me—my life, my joy, my all! He is my strength from day to day. Without Him I would fall.” We need to remember the One we serve. We need to remember that He applies His power and might toward His people. We need to grow to understand the truth of those words.

The book written to the Hebrews reminds us of both the humanity and the divinity of Jesus. We can take comfort in both, but for now, think about the power He holds because of His divinity. The author of the book of Hebrews reveals two ideas that exemplify the power and awesomeness of Jesus.

1. The worlds were made through Him (Hebrews 1:2).

It is difficult to imagine all that would be involved in such an achievement.

All things were made through Him (John 1:3)

All things were made through Him (John 1:3)

Think about a few of the characteristics of God related to this creation.

It required amazing creativity.

I know some people who are very creative by human standards, but even the most creative person can only invent something based on previous knowledge. Go ahead and try it. Think of something that has no ties or is in no way related to what you already know. Even the greatest inventions were all based on previous knowledge and inventions.

It required amazing intelligence.

Now think of the intelligence of the One who could create such complexity as we see in the universe without any previous materials to use to build upon—both intellectually (coming up with the ideas of everything) and physically (making something without having any materials).

There were no physical materials before God created them. This boggles my mind to think about. Genesis 1 records that “God said” and things were created. By His will and His voice He created the physical realm. I cannot understand how it is possible, but I know four things about it.

  1. The universe exists.

  2. The universe has not always existed.

  3. The universe could not create itself.

  4. Therefore, I know that a Being superior to the physical realm created it.

It required incredible power.

As one of my old high school science teachers said, “Power is the ability to get things done.” If that is the case, look at the power Jesus displayed! Consider the power stored in the sun. That star is nowhere near the largest or brightest in the heavens, but the amount of power that comes from it at any given moment is overwhelming to contemplate.

If you think of all the millions and millions of stars out there, you see a lot of power. Where did it come from? Power must be generated from somewhere. The nature of those stars generates the power, but who put it all together? Who “got it done” and supplied all that was necessary for such a magnificent display? That’s right. It was Jesus.

Keep in mind that the creation was something God did in six days. Want to talk about power? There is some there!

Also keep in mind that this was all accomplished with His voice. The Father willed it and Jesus declared it. So naturally, it became so.

2. All things are upheld through the power of His word (Hebrews 1:3)

God is so powerful that a simple declaration is all that is required for new things to be created. Stars burst into existence and planets began their circuits simply because God declared that it would be. It’s as if the Sun popped into existence because it dared not defy the command of God that it exist!

The writer of Hebrews gives us another nugget, as if the first were not enough. Jesus upholds His creation through the power of His word. The order, the design, the processes—these are all held in place by Jesus and according to His will. This will continue until the Lord decides His purpose is complete. Then the physical realm will be destroyed. There will not be anything left of His creation.

The purpose was not merely to create it all for the sake of art or expression.

So why is it that we tend to worry so much about the problems and challenges of life? If we are right with God, we know that He will help us.

So you can’t pay a bill right now. I’m not saying to ignore it, but bring it to God. I think that if God is intelligent enough, powerful enough, and creative enough to create and sustain this universe, He can probably figure out a way to help you.

That help may come in ways you do not expect or appreciate, but in the end, we were promised that God arranges things to benefit those who love Him and are faithful to Him (Romans 8:28).

You have problems and challenges with your health, your job, your family, and many other things. If you are in the hands of God, trust the process.

Trust Him to bring you to something better. And even if you suffer endlessly on this planet until you die, trust God that He will bring you to a home where everything you are enduring now will seem worth it to be there.

His word will see you through. Trust in His promises and you will be able to sing with all your heart, “Jesus is all the world to me!”

“But Simon Peter answered Him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life’ ” (John 6:68).

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