Don’t Shame These Top 5 Bible-Study-Ninja Skills

April 10, 2014

Building Faith

This is not a Ninja. You can’t see a real Ninja.

If you want to succeed in Bible study, approach it appropriately.

Here are 5 principles for becoming a Bible-study ninja.

1. Seek.

Don’t try to study the Bible without putting effort into it.

Face the fact that you get out of Bible-study what you put into it. There is a reason that the Bible is the all-time number one best seller in the world–because the Bible is AWESOME!

There is also a reason that the ratio of owners to daily readers is probably quite low. Putting on a ninja costume does not make you a ninja. Having a Bible on your phone is the same.

Bible-study skills require commitment, time, and mental work.

Everyone wants to pretend to know it, but few want to take the time to study it.

2. Seek truth.

Don’t go to the Bible to prove your ideas.

We’ve learned that we can make the Bible say whatever we want it to say. That does not mean the Bible actually taught it though. If you already have your mind made up before you study, the chances that you will find truth are very slim.

When you stand before God on the Day of Judgment, your opinion will not matter. What God said will matter.

 3. Seek balance.

Don’t make mountains out of mole hills.

Sometimes we learn a new idea from the Bible and zealously overestimate its importance.

Some people intentionally emphasize one thing at the expense of another. This is a classic way to justify a strange position or avoid doing unpleasant tasks.

4. Seek value.

Don’t make mole hills out of mountains.

If you put all that time and effort into studying the Bible, you want to find something useful from it! If you ignore the whole point of a passage, you are probably either trying to prove your own idea (see #2) or you are not putting in the required effort.

Find the most important thing in a passage and make your understanding of that passage fit it.

5. Seek life.

Don’t study without applying what you learn.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you open the Bible is that it was written with you in mind. [5 Reasons to Study Your Bible]

There is nothing in the Bible that is specifically addressed to you, but its words were designed to bring life to its readers.

  • It will show you who you are.
  • It will show you what you need to change.
  • It will provide the motivation and knowledge for change.
  • It will lead you throughout your lifetime, revealing more and more as you study.
  • It will give you wisdom and life.

Apply these skills and become ninja-like in your study of the Bible.

Did I miss one? Let me know what you would add below!

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2 Responses to “Don’t Shame These Top 5 Bible-Study-Ninja Skills”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I would add: l. Start now. While your mind is sharp and your memory is good. And don’t assume that because you’re young or at least, younger, that you have lots of time to really apply your mind to studying the Bible. Because sometimes bad things happen, even when you’re young, and you’ll have lost your chance to really learn and understand God’s will for you.
    2. Don’t assume that you can’t understand God’s word and let that keep you from trying. Read the words, even out loud. Think about who’s saying them and to whom he’s saying them. Is the writer addressing Christians or non-Christians, for instance. Just reading and giving deep thought to what you’ve read, is pleasing to God. Pray for God to help you to understand and ask faithful Christians their understanding of the passage in question. That is pleasing to God also. He sees that you are seeking and He says that if we seek we will find. Remember that you are not alone in your effort to know God and His will for you, and His power and love are even bigger than we can imagine.


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