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Why Your Prayers Have No Power

March 25, 2014


Prayer is deeply personal and powerful, but there are times when prayer has no power at all. Here are 6 reasons why that would be true.

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4 Reasons I’ll Never Buy A Lottery Ticket

March 18, 2014


Lottery Tickets: Don't get fooled!

The lottery is growing more and more popular. It’s ony a dollar or two, so why not play along? You could win big! Well, here are 4 very good reasons to NEVER play the lottery!

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7 Reasons You SHOULD NOT Be Baptized

October 29, 2013


Sometimes Baptism is Not Appropriate

Would you ever deny baptism for someone who asked for it? It might come as a shock to some, but there are good reasons that would prevent a person from being baptized. Consider these seven reasons. 1. You should not be baptized to join a church. The Bible teaches that God adds you to His […]

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