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Jason is passionate about spreading the Gospel. He has a wife and two children and has been preaching since graduating Brow trail School of Preaching in June, 1999. He also holds an MA from University of Phoenix.

Introducing Constructing Faith

September 22, 2015


Constructing Faith

Some people choose to complain about the spiritual darkness of our world. I choose to hold up a candle.
Will you join me?

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Shotguns On A Spaceship

February 21, 2015



Legend has been verified. It was recently revelaed that Russian Cosmonauts carried shotguns and machetes into space. How does this relate to faith? Read and you’ll see!

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“You Think You’re The Only Ones Going To Heaven”

June 14, 2014


Are only those in the church of Christ going to heaven?

I hear now and then, “You guys in the church of Christ think that you are the only ones going to Heaven.” It’s meant as a way of dismissing us. Show us to be weirdos, and you don’t have to listen to us. Hear me on this one: If you think that way about us, […]

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