That Time When Angels Worshiped A Human

June 5, 2014

Building Faith

That Time When Angels Worshiped A Human

That Time When Angels Worshiped A Human

The direction of worship points toward the greater being.

Sometimes worship is misdirected. Mankind has long worshiped the creation, confusing it with the Creator.

Sometimes worship falls short in scope. Angels are superior beings, but they reject worship from humans (e.g., Revelation 19:10). God is the proper object of worship.

Unquestionably, whether the worship is misdirected or not, no one worships a being they consider inferior to themselves. Would you expect to see superior beings worshiping you?

But there was a time when angels did worship a human.

Hebrews 1:6 quotes from a Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures in Psalm 97, “Let all the angels of God worship Him.” This was not a reference to worship to the Father. This was worship directed toward the Firstborn, Jesus. This is not a reference to what Jesus experienced prior to coming to earth. It is a direct reference to Him in His humanity. We know this because He is called the “Firstborn”. The One born of a virgin is worshiped by angels.

There is some debate about the exact meaning of this passage. I found three different theories to explain it and came up with a theory myself. We may not completely understand the exact meaning of Hebrews 1:6, but we can certainly understand what is implied in all theories about its meaning: At some point, angels recognize the value of Jesus and WORSHIP Him.

What does that say about the nature of the power of Jesus?

The whole context is about this Man named Jesus and how He should be understood. We can see it in the reference to Him being the “firstborn” (which can only refer to His actual BIRTH from the virgin, Mary). So while the reason angels worship Jesus is not because of His humanity, that humanity certainly did not prevent it. While a human, angels worshiped Him.

What’s the point?

If ANGELS worship Jesus, does that merit enough respect from us to at least listen to what He has to say? When was the last time an angel worshiped you? It’s certainly never happened to me. I don’t deserve honor from those majestic beings any more than you do. But Jesus did, and He still does.

This is a message to believers, not to the lost. You might have turned your back on Jesus, or maybe you are facing the temptation to turn away. Don’t. There is nothing out there for you beyond temporary pleasures (even if they last a lifetime). Jesus overcame and He will help you. He has the power, the authority, and the desire to do it.

When was the last time you took the time to listen to Him? Pick up your Bible and introduce yourself to His message again. He will change your life!


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