A Great Leader Must Risk Losing His Followers

June 10, 2014

Building Faith, Evangelism

Jesus is the greatest of all leaders

Jesus was not afraid to lose His followers.

In John chapter six we read that many of Jesus’ disciples turned away and stopped following Him. This would seem to be a pivotal point in a preacher’s ministry. It would be a heartbreaking and crushing defeat to any of us. We might even wonder if we should keep preaching.

The Son of God seems to have simply dismissed the slight against Him.

Not only did He seem to dismiss the slight, Jesus brought the question to the Apostles—the question that would once again reinforce their faith. The question forced them to decide whether they would follow Jesus even if their friends abandoned Him.

At what could be considered one of the lowest points in the ministry of Jesus, He fearlessly risked even His own closest followers with one simple question:

“Do you also want to go away?”

Some people think that losing followers is the worst thing that can happen to a leader. After all, a leader leads others. If you “run off” your followers, you are not a leader. But Jesus taught us that leadership requires the courage to risk that very possibility.

Take the big steps.

Go the places you should go.

Lead with courage and faith.

Challenge people to deepen their level of commitment.

Do not become discouraged if people reject you or your message. Every now and then you have to give people the option: “Do you also want to go away?”

Ask them. Don’t be afraid of the answer.

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