7 Goals For Raising Children to be Christians

May 21, 2013

For Parents

Most parents want what is best for their children. We realize that we cannot be perfect and we cannot provide everything for them that we might wish. This life forces us to make decisions about what we will provide them.

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Have a Goal to Teach Spirituality

The best things in life are not toys. There is far more to life than fun and games. Children must learn this fact as early as possible. That does not mean that they should not be allowed to be children and have fun, but we need to set goals so that as they grow they are molded into a Christian life.

If you start young, you have the ability to give them a great advantage in life! Here are seven goals to strive for in raising your children that will help them be spiritually minded as they mature.

  1. Have your children learn about the Bible. By the time they are in 3rd grade they should have already learned the books of the Bible and how to look up verses. They should get steady doses of biblical stories and discussions. Use every opportunity to help them learn.
  2. Challenge your children to do spiritual things that are more than fun activities. Kids love to have fun. Who doesn’t? But they need to learn the seriousness of life too. They need to learn that “spirituality” has its own reward. If church activities for your children are only fun and adventure times, you need to have a serious discussion with the church leaders. An even greater part of this, however, is the fact that you should teach your own children what it means to be spiritual. You can do this by taking them to lectureships and meetings outside the normal services of the church. You can also teach them at home by reading to them or having them read.
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    Train to Participate

    Teach your children early on to sit and pay attention to what is going on in worship. When I was a child, if I had to leave to go to the “cry room” my mother made sure I cried. If we allow them, our children will learn to manipulate us into taking them out of services. It’s not easy to train young ones to sit and be still and quiet in worship services. It is also not something you will teach them and never have to reinforce. It will be difficult. But it is worth the price. If your children learn this early, they will learn to appreciate what they will (hopefully) do all their adult lives.

  4. Have your children read their Bibles. It is good to read aloud to them. It is also good to have them read to you and to read alone. You should encourage and even demand that your children read every day, especially when they are young.
  5. Determine to have the best marriage possible. It’s been said that the best gift a couple can give their children is a happy marriage full of love. It is really that important! Make sure you put your spouse before your children. After all, your children will eventually leave you (you hope), but your spouse is supposed to stay until death. Make the best of it and have a healthy home life as a result!
  6. Teach your family to do good things and to think of others. Selfishness is part of being a child. The job of parents is to get them to be unselfish. They need to learn great things like empathy and love for others. They need to learn to think of the needs and feelings of others and to act on such thoughts. This is foundational to building a life as a Christian later. They will thank you for helping them get outside themselves.
  7. Teach your family to love God and others. This comes from what we emphasize and what we
    Goal: Train to Love God

    Goal: Train to Love God

    spend our time doing. We cannot hope to teach our children to be different from us. There are lots of sayings we are too familiar with: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” “Like mother, like daughter.” “Like father, like son.” and many others–they are so commonly stated because we have all seen the truth of them! We can pray that our children copy only the good things in our character and actions, but they will tend to mimic our faults all too often. So make the changes that you can. If you find yourself making mistakes, show your children how an adult makes changes. Be the person you want your children to become!

What do you think? Would you add to this list? Let’s talk about it below!

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